Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nightlife in Fgura

Walking through Fgura at 01:30AM, my girlfriend and I noticed a black shadow scurrying along the edge of the road. Too fast for a kitten and too large for a mouse, we soon realized it was a rat.

Of course I tried to stalk it quietly in the hope of obtaining a couple of good photographs, but apparently not quietly enough to prevent it from disappearing almost immediately, leaving me with just this:

I am inclined to think it's the common black rat Rattus rattus, though identification is not easy if only external morphology is taken into account.


  1. Rat looking for food scraps and leftovers from in front of the cinema area?

  2. Most probably! You got the location exactly right, just need to cross the road for the cinema :)

  3. So then it was looking for pizza leftovers if it was on the opposite side. hehe.


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