Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Entomological Society of Malta - vol. 3 launch

The launch of the annual third volume of papers in the excellent series by the Entomological Society of Malta took place this evening at the sumptuous Casino Maltese in Valletta. The occasion consisted of short talks and a presentation on what is included in this journal, entitled Bullettin of the Entomological Society of Malta.

The contents of this issue are:
1) A first Maltese record of a non-pollinating wasp of Ficus sp.
2) A review of the tineid moths from Malta including the description of a new species - Euthria melitensis Gaedike & Zerafa, 2010
3) A review of the Maltese Heteroptera with seven new records
4) A survey of potentially disease-carrying mosquito species in Malta
5) A review of the weevils of the Maltese Islands with 51 new records
6) A section aimed at young entomologists

Another moth was described in the second issue of the journal from 2009; this was Stichobasis postmeridianus, shown below. Both are, as far as is known, endemic species.

Stichobasis postmeridianus Zerafa & Sammut, 2009

For information on how to obtain Volume 3 or any of the previous ones please contact:

Entomological Society of Malta
P. O. Box 9

Marsa MRS1000


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